Volume Replacement



For years we have been studying the structure and volume of the face separately. Only recently did we find that an essential parameter for the improvement of the contour and for a more beautiful face shape is the volume. Both are necessary for the contour and the shape of the face. Without structure and volume, the skin loses its dimension. Over time, it begins to look less elastic and firm and its features, in key points such as the cheekbones or jawline, become gaunt or saggy.

Volume Replacement

Dark under-eye circles or hallows

Sagging skin on your face or neck

Jowls and loss of jawline contour



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Volume Replacement and Tightening Treatments

Dermal fillers are the gold standard if you want to restore the volume loss in your face. The results are immediately visible and continue to improve with time. Often the treatment for aged skin is complex and usually requires a combination of treatments for a complete result. Thus, in our clinic, we can combine treatments such as wrinkle softening injections, fillers, threads and chemical peels in order to meet each patient’s needs.


This treatment is best for:

  • Sunken cheeks & temples
  • Dark under-eye circles or hollows
  • Brow lifts
  • Sagging skin on your face or neck
  • Jowls and loss of jawline contour
  • Non-surgical face lift

Dr. Sheila only uses dermal fillers that contain the anaesthetic lidocaine, which helps to reduce discomfort. Topical anaesthetic can also be applied prior to the procedure to further minimise any discomfort. The majority of patients find the injections tolerable with slight initial discomfort. Discomfort can be higher if an inexperienced practitioner is carrying out the treatment.

Dermal fillers are not permanent and will naturally break down over time (approximately 6-18 months depending on the area treated. Results and how long they last are dependent on the treatment required, amount of product used and the type of product chosen. Dr. Sheila will go through this with you at your consultation.

Dr. Sheila believes in subtle natural results. She will provide dermal fillers to naturally enhance your individual features and will only inject what is needed to achieve a natural look. Her goal is to achieve a healthier, refreshed version of yourself. Rest assured, you will not be leaving the clinic with the exaggerated treatments such as the “trout pout” seen plastered all over the internet.

There is little or no downtime usually, the treated area might swell ever so slightly and in worst cases, some bruising may appear. This should subside after a few days though, and can be covered up with concealer if necessary.

Dermal filler should not be used in the presence of infection at the proposed injection site(s). Dermal filler is NOT recommended for:

  • Persons with previous allergy to dermal fillers
  • Pregnant or breast-feeding women
  • Persons under 18 years of age

The cost of treatment starts from £300 but this varies depending on location and for each patient. Contact us for more details or a personal consultation will give you a more accurate quote.

Treatment usually takes approximately 30 minutes.

Results can be seen immediately with continued skin rehydration and rejuvenation as water is drawn into the area.

There are many Dermal Fillers on the market. Dr. Sheila only uses the highest quality, trusted and reputable dermal fillers with high safety profiles. These include Teosyal, Belotero and Juvederm products. These brands are scientifically documented hyaluronic based dermal fillers with comprehensive studies that support their safety and efficacy.

As with any medical procedure, there are potential side effects that should be fully explained to you prior to the treatment. Most of these are injection related, such as a risk of temporary bruising around the injection site, swollen facial features during the initial healing period and infection at the injection site. These risks are higher when treatments are performed in unsterile environments and with inexperienced or unqualified practitioners. Dr. Sheila ensures you understand the potential risks and side effects associated with dermal fillers and these will be discussed comprehensively with you at your consultation.

There is no need for allergy testing because the fillers contain hyaluronic acid which naturally occurs in your skin anyway and is used in other medical treatments.


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