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Dr. Sheila performs liquid rhinoplasty, also known as a non-surgical nose job to patients who are not yet ready for a surgical rhinoplasty. Effective correction of minor imperfections, such as bumps, or a flat bridge can be achieved through non-surgical rhinoplasty (nose job) to give you the features you are looking for.


What is Non surgical rhinoplasty?

Using dermal fillers, a non-surgical rhinoplasty can make temporary aesthetic changes to the profile of the nose. This method of treatment is also known as a liquid nose job or a non-surgical nose job.

Non surgical rhinoplasty procedure

Before treatment, a numbing product will be applied for around 30 minutes to reduce any discomfort. Then small amounts of dermal filler are injected into specific points the nose to fine-tune the final contours and shape. Dr Sheila will then massage the injected filler to reshape the nose. 

After treatment, the effects will be visible right away. Dr. Sheila will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions during your appointment. The effects are instantaneous and continue to show themselves up to 12 months later.

Benefits of Non surgical rhinoplasty

Non-invasive rhinoplasty by Dr. Sheila allows many patients to avoid invasive plastic surgery while still attaining their aesthetic goals. There are additional benefits as well. This is just one example:

  • Less than 30-minutes is needed for the entire process.
  • There is no need for maintenance.
  • Get an instant result
  • There are no cuts made or scars left behind.
  • Helps to balance the profile and can be done with other treatment like forehead, cheek, lip & chin augmentation to harmonise the profile

Using dermal fillers for a non surgical nose job

Dermal fillers can be used to instantly l add structure and balance or correct the shape of the nose. They can make the nose appear less bumpy, give it more of a tip, correct unevenness, and reshape it for a more pleasing profile.

Most dermal fillers today are derived from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin. Fillers made of dissolvable hyaluronic acid are the safest and most natural choice.


How much does Non surgical rhinoplasty (nose job) cost?

Prices start from £650 

Following a comprehensive consultation and assessment, Dr. Sheila wiill design a bespoke plan for you to take in account not just the nose, but also how treating the nose may affect other features. Dr. Sheila will discuss the risks and benefits of treatment and the likely outcome.

Dr. Sheila prides herself in maintaining ethnic variations and individuality of the nose, and will never drastically change your nose in such a way that takes away from your heritage.

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The dermal filler’s viscosity and your own biological response to the filler will determine how long the effects last. Dermal fillers used Dr Sheila in London have been extensively researched and shown to be safe and effective in clinical settings, allowing for longer-lasting results and a more subtle appearance. The effects of non-surgical rhinoplasty typically wear off after 12-18 months, at which point you can return to the clinic for touch-ups.

The dermal filler physically lifts and supports the skin’s tissues and can be moulded into shape, so you’ll see immediate results. However, you may experience some mild swelling immediately following your treatment, which may obscure the actual results.

During the procedure, you could feel some discomfort. To ensure a comfortable and painless procedure, we can apply numbing cream to your nose before we begin. The treatment will not begin until the numbing cream has had time to fully take effect.

Our previous patients tell us that the anaesthetic makes the experience relatively painless for the vast majority of them.

Depending on the patient’s needs, multiple dermal filler injections can be performed in a single day. During your consultation, Dr. Sheila will give you her expert opinion on which additional procedures would complement your rhinoplasty dermal fillers.

There is very little downtime associated with nose filler, and more often than not, none at all. However, any treatment involving injections carries a possible risk of bruising which may last a few days. In these instances, any bruising can be covered with make-up.

You will not be able to have nose filler if you are any of the following:

  • Under 18 years of age.
  • Pregnant.
  • Are breastfeeding.
  • Prone to bleeding.
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