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Ellanse Dermal Filler Treatments (少女针)

Growing old is a privilege! However, wrinkles, furrows, loose and sagging skin become increasingly common as we become older, causing us to feel less like ourselves. This is because it becomes more challenging for the skin to maintain its youthful vitality as collagen and skin suppleness decline with age.

Dr. Sheila is the accredited UK trainer for Ellanse, and this treatment is her area of special interest. If you are worried about signs of ageing, then there a numerous options to explore. Ellanse treatment, available with Dr Sheila, can improve your skin’s suppleness and ability to create vital collagen, both of which decrease with age.


What is Ellanse treatment?

Ellanse (少女针) is a biostimulator of collagen that is injected under the skin. Collagen is an essential element for healthy skin.

This means that Ellanse is ideal for both men and women who want to turn back the visible signs of ageing on their faces while also gaining greater suppleness, uniformity, and the best possible contouring and shaping results.

Ellanse is made from all-natural components that your body can easily metabolise into harmless carbon dioxide and water and then flush out of your system. Since this is the case, Ellanse has an excellent safety profile and is among the safest injectable materials available for facial contouring and collagen stimulation.

What is Ellanse made of?

Ellanse (少女针) comprises of Polycaprolactone (PCL) microspheres, a well-established medical polymer, and Carboxymetyl Cellulose (CMC) gel, a natural material, generally recognised as a safe product by the FDA and is often found in wound dressings, dermal fillers and drug-delivery systems. This makes Ellanse biocompatible and safe.

What are the benefits of Ellanse?

Versatile in its ability to treat volume loss in several facial locations, including the cheeks, jawline, temples, and chin, this treatment is a great option for almost everyone.

Due to the fact that Ellanse (少女针) is not a surgical procedure, there is no need to schedule time off work for recovery. After being injected under the skin, the effects can be seen almost immediately and when Ellanse M is used, will last for a minimum of 2 years.


Ellanse Treatment Prices

Facial Rejuvenation

1ml of Ellanse – From £650

Hand Rejuvenation

2ml of Ellanse – £1300

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Profile Balancing with Ellanse

Ellanse vs traditional dermal fillers

When compared to other dermal fillers, Ellanse not only provides volume like traditional dermal fillers, but it also stimulates collagen, improving the skin quality and texture. Benefits from this treatment’s ability to stimulate collagen production will not only be visible immediately but will continue to show for up to 2 years, and in some cases beyond.

You need only a small amount of Ellanse to stimulate your body to make collagen  and combat the effects of ageing. After about 3 months, your skin will look significantly better, and your fine wrinkles will have significantly diminished.

When compared to traditional fillers, Ellanse is safer and longer lasting.

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Ellanse is a cosmetic procedure that provides instant, undetectable results that last anywhere from 18 months to beyond 2 years.

Immediately following treatment, you will notice an instant lift and immediate volume, AND Ellanse will gradually increase your body’s natural collagen production over 3 months, improving the quality of your skin and giving you long-lasting results. But Ellanse will gradually increase your body’s natural collagen production over time, giving you enduring results.

The duration of Ellanse treatment can average 30 minutes, depending on what areas are being treated.

Instantaneously after treatment, patients will notice a fuller, younger-looking appearance with less creases and folds. Then, ELLANSÉ will gradually encourage the creation of your body’s own collagen to tackle the root causes of facial ageing for beautiful, long-lasting results that seem completely natural.

Dr. Sheila mixes Ellanse with a local anaesthetic and uses a topical anaesthetic to ensure there is very minimal discomfort. In her hands, it is a quick and easy process with minimal discomfort and immediate results.

Ellanse cannot be injected in an area where there is a permanent filler. It may be injected in an area that has another dermal filler (e.g. hyaluronic acid) but this depends on how recent the filler has been injected. A comprehensive consultation with Dr. Sheila will allow her to determine the best plan for you.

Like any medical procedure, there are risks of potential side effects. The most common are infection, swelling, bruising and lumps. This is why it is important to see an experienced practitioner. Dr. Sheila is a UK Ellanse expert and trainer and she will discuss these with you at your consultation.

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