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Multi-Award Winner

Dr. Sheila is a cosmetic dentist who specialises in facial rejuvenation and has won numerous awards for her work. Dr. Sheila divides her time between seeing patients, teaching other medical professionals (such as dentists and doctors) as well as being a mother to her two daughters. She received an Aesthetic Medicine Master’s degree from Queen Mary University, where she graduated with honours. She is an expert in full-face rejuvenation and making sure her patients age gracefully, and she cares deeply about providing them with the best possible treatment.

Dr. Sheila is a firm believer in treatments that improve her patient’s appearance without being obvious. To avoid giving the patient a “stiff,” “pillow,” or “clearly treated” look, she will choose the most conservative procedures that will achieve the desired balance and harmony in the face.

Experienced Aesthetics Trainer

Dr. Sheila is the founder of Mediject, an academy offering mentoring to dentists and doctors. She has been teaching mentoring medical professionals for over 9 years. She mentors dentists and doctors with an interest in facial aesthetics, helping them to  incorporate injectables into their daily clinical practice with confidence and predictability. She also guest lectures on the Aesthetic Medicine Masters at Queen Mary University. Sheila has delivered non-surgical injectables training to more than 800 doctors, surgeons, dentists & nurses, and has been awarded an MSc in Aesthetic Medicine (Queen Mary University of London) with a distinction. Having spent 9 years training and inspiring others in a career in Aesthetic Medicine, Sheila is passionate about raising the standards in the practice of safe and ethical facial aesthetics, and equipping dentists with the skills to practice safely and to a high standard.

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Accredited Trainer for Ellanse

Dr. Sheila is an accredited trainer for Sinclair Pharma, offering medical professionals training in their premium filler range, Maili, and for their biostimulatory filler, Ellanse. 

As a full member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr.Sheila also sits on the board as Communications Director, actively promoting excellence, ethical practice and education in cosmetic dentistry. She takes great pride in delivering high quality ethical treatment and training, dedicating a tremendous amount of her time to continued lifelong learning by attending masterclasses and conferences both nationally and internationally, renewing her expertise to deliver the safest, most up to date and evidence-based techniques to her patients.

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