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Located in the prestigious medical district of Harley St, in the heart of London, cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sheila is a well-regarded expert in the field of aesthetic medicine, namely in the field of anti-wrinkle and full-face rejuvenation treatments. Dr. Sheila provides a bespoke service, with individually tailored treatment plans to ensure you look and feel your very best. The end outcome is natural looking results.

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Every patient is unique, so every plan should be bespoke. Dr. Sheila will design a bespoke plan suited to your needs to ensure she helps you to keep looking your best for as as you remain in her care. She will focus on treatments that will best enhance you. Her goal is to ensure you look great, and look after you so that you look like you’ve barely aged at all.

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Safe & Predictable

All treatments from Dr. Sheila are low risk, non-invasive procedures. You will be completely safe in Dr. Sheila’s experienced hands, receiving the highest standard of care. Dr. Sheila will use the highest quality, most reputable materials and safest techniques, ensuring predictable and long lasting results for you.

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Natural-looking results

Dr Sheila’s treatments aim to enhance rather than drastically alter her patient’s appearance, resulting in results that look more natural.

My Promise

“I promise that I will ensure your plan is bespoke to your needs, designed with the best treatments for you, to ensure you look your absolute best, with results that are undetectable, leaving you feeling great and looking ‘lucky’ with age.”

– Dr Sheila


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Multi-Award Winner

Dr. Sheila is a cosmetic dentist who specialises in facial rejuvenation and has won numerous awards for her work. Dr. Sheila divides her time between seeing patients, teaching other medical professionals (such as dentists and doctors) as well as being a mother to her two daughters. She received an Aesthetic Medicine Master’s degree from Queen Mary University, where she graduated with honours. She is an expert in full-face rejuvenation and making sure her patients age gracefully, and she cares deeply about providing them with the best possible treatment.

Dr. Sheila is a firm believer in treatments that improve her patient’s appearance without being obvious. To avoid giving the patient a “stiff,” “pillow,” or “clearly treated” look, she will choose the most conservative procedures that will achieve the desired balance and harmony in the face.

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Ensure optimal results and longevity with our comprehensive aftercare program. Dr. Sheila’s aim is to keep you as you are for the next 10 years.


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